Dahlia Tuber FAQ

Useful information about how to place your order and our guidelines.

Steps for storing tubers before planting.

Information regarding how to grow and propagate your dahlias.

Information about potential disease on your tubers.

After you have reviewed the information below, if you still have questions or concerns with your order please use the link to fill out a tuber support ticket. We will respond within 3-5 business days.

Growing Dahlias


For a complete informational guide to growing, head to the shop to purchase our Dahlia Guide.
Store your dahlias in a cool place until you are ready to plant. Recommended storage temperature is between 41º-47ºF to maintain dormancy.

If you are starting your tubers early or growing in containers, we recommend using soil that is free of pre-added fertilizers or compost.

Plant your dahlias in the spring after your last frost date in a well-drained site with lots of sun. Tubers should be placed 4-6" deep and 12" apart. Do not overwater.

Your dahlia should sprout within 4-6 weeks after planting. Some common reasons a tuber may fail to sprout are:
  • No eye - The tuber needs to have an eye to produce a plant. We triple check for eyes before we ship to you.
  • Too much water - The soil should be moist when the tuber is planted, but shouldn’t be watered until it sprouts to avoid rot.
  • Too dry - If your soil is too dry and  it could dry out your tuber
If any of your tubers fail to produce an eye, let us know by May 31, 2024 so we can replace the tuber or issue a merchandise credit. Please use this link to fill out a tuber support ticket if you experience any issues. We are not responsible for plant performance or loss due to adverse growing conditions, improper storage or care, or crop failure.

If you have questions about growing dahlias, we recommend connecting with your local American Dahlia Society or another horticulture or gardening club near you. We rely on regular lab analysis of our soil, water, and plant material to determine the methods we use. What works for us growing on a commercial scale in our zone may not work for you, and we aren't able to offer advice specific to your garden without knowing the details.

If you have questions about possible disease or virus, we recommend having your plant material tested. Please visit our dahlia disease page for more information. 



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