Dahlia Tuber FAQ - Ordering

For a complete informational guide to growing, head to the shop to purchase our Dahlia Guide.

Our tuber sale will go live on Friday, November 18th at 9:00am EST.

Some quantities are limited and will sell out quickly. Items in your cart are not reserved until you complete the checkout process and receive an email with your order confirmation and order number (please remember to check your spam folder). If an item disappears from your cart or becomes unavailable, another customer has completed their purchase and the item is now sold out. This is a functionality of Shopify that we are unable to change.

Add items to your Wishlist for easy ordering. Create and account and add items to your Wishlist by clicking on the "Add to Wishlist" option located near the top of the item description. From your Wishlist, you can edit the quantity to purchase and "Add All to Cart" once the sale goes live on launch day.

Once your order has been confirmed, we are unable to modify your order. If you would like to purchase more tubers, please place a separate order, which will be shipped separately. Shipping charges cannot be combined.

During the tuber launch, no other items will be available for purchase on our website. Holiday items, SMFF apparel and gear, dried wreaths, and fresh floral options will be back Monday 11/21/22.


Want to know more about the letters in our descriptions online? Check out this website for more information on how dahlias are classified. If it's a new variety or hasn't been vetted by the American Dahlia Society to become an official variety yet, it may not be listed.

All tubers are sold as single tubers. In some cases, you will receive 2 or more tubers in a small clump if they weren't able to be separated with the crown intact.

Our tubers are stored in sawdust at a consistent 38ºF and will be dormant upon shipping.

We test our dahlia tubers regularly throughout the season for disease in partnership with The Ohio State University and Oregon State University.


Tubers will be shipped Spring 2023. We will begin packing Early orders at the end of February and will continue processing orders through April. During shipping times, we are constantly monitoring the weather for extreme weather and will adjust our plans accordingly.

Tubers are packaged by variety in bags and shipped in a cardboard box or padded envelope. Storage medium is not included, so your order will need to be unpacked and moved to proper storage upon arrival if you are not planting right away. 

Each package includes a dahlia tuber care sheet with more instructions on how to handle your tubers after arrival. For more details, you can purchase our Dahlia Care Guide here.

Due to the volume of orders we receive, we are not able to hold, delay, or change your order. If you plan to be out of town when we are shipping, please make sure you have a plan for someone to receive your package(s) for you.


Early shipping is designed for growers in southern climates or for growers who are looking to propagate. If you are planning to plant yours in April or later, we recommend going with regular shipping.

To ensure our team has enough time to divide what is needed, we are limiting the number of Early Shipping orders this year. If you would like your tubers shipped between late Feb-mid March, add the item titled Early Shipping to your cart. The $15 fee covers the additional cost for heat packs, insulation, and the expedited shipping required for your order to be shipped in winter weather conditions. Early shipping cannot be added after your order is processed.

You will receive a shipping notification along with your tracking information when your order has been picked up by the carrier.

With the volume of tuber orders we process, we are no longer able to offer a pick up option for orders.

Local delivery in and around Columbus is available for $15. When you are select this option, know that you are helping us provide hours for our seasonal drivers.


We guarantee our tubers are true to name and have at least one viable eye. If you have any tubers that fail to produce an eye, we will either send you a replacement tuber or issue a merchandise credit for the purchase price of the tuber. Tax, handling, and shipping charges are nonrefundable.