Terms of Service

We cannot combine, change, or add on to orders. Due to the volume of orders we receive, if you place multiple orders they will ship separately.

If you chose Early Ship, your tubers will ship when we finish dividing, usually in late January/early February. Early orders ship with insulation and heat packs and incur a $15 fee to account for the additional precautions taken at shipping. Note: while we make every effort in our packaging to insulate against the cold, shipping delays do occur and are out of our control. 

If you chose Regular Ship, your tubers will ship when we finish shipping the early orders in March/late April. Depending on weather, your order may ship with insulation and heat packs.

We cannot hold your order to ship later.

Orders may ship sooner than the approximate dates listed on your order.

Refunds and Cancellations

Tuber Guarantee Conditions

We guarantee that our tubers are viable and have a live eye upon shipping. Our guarantee covers the current season's orders only.

To initiate a tuber refund/replacement:

Please send us a photo of the affected tubers and your order number. Damage incurred during shipment must be initiated within 2 days of receipt of the box. Please include a photo of the damaged box as well. 

If your dahlias fail to sprout, dig up the tuber to see what is going on. If the tuber is healthy, but has no eye to sprout, please contact us and send us photos and your order number. 

Tuber Guarantee Exclusions

We are not responsible for the following situations:

  • failure of products that were either forced, grown in pots, or further divided from what you had received.
  • failure of propagations taken from our product.
  • loss or damage resulting from weather conditions (cold, wind, drought, wet/damp, extreme heat), animal damage, disease, pests, mold, fungus, or other conditions.
  • poor customer care or negligence in storage, before planting, or in the growing process.
  • product that was left unattended or exposed to cold or hot temperatures.
  • packages lost/stolen after they have been marked as delivered at the address provided on the order.
  • ranunculus corms, anemone corms, and tulip bulbs are non-refundable and not covered under our guarantee.


In the event that we don't have enough of a type of tuber, the tubers will be substituted or refunded, based on the customer's preference declared during checkout. If no choice was indicated, a refund will be initiated with no prior contact to the customer.