Fall Bulbs

    Our Fall Bulb sale includes tulip bulbs, ranunculus corms, and anemone corms for fall planting. In this collection, you'll find our favorite varieties to grow for cut flowers in early Spring.

        The tulips are a selection of varieties we like best from our Dutch suppliers. The anemone corms are our top picks for cuts that offer an abundance of blooms in a vibrant color palette. The ranunculus corms are homegrown here at Sunny Meadows, harvested in the spring from our greenhouses, cleaned, and stored in our coolers until fall planting time.
            Fall Bulbs will be packed in October to be shipped or delivered in and around Columbus. Orders can also be picked up on Saturday, October 21st from 9am-1pm. This is the only time Fall Bulb orders can be picked up. If you can't make it this day, do not choose this option. To select the farm pick up option, use the code: LOCALPICKUP at checkout.


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