Willow Cuttings

We offer 5 varieties of willow: big red bud, golden curly willow, fantail, red curly willow, and red twig dogwood. These are a great addition to your repertoire to help extend the season. We also use a lot of these sticks in our holiday designs of wreaths and planters, and for our ornament bases. For more information on ordering and care instructions please follow this link. 

Willow Cutting Information + FAQ's

Please read before ordering.

Each of these comes in pack of 10 unrooted sticks that are 10-12" in length & will ship as soon as possible.

If you're shopping for items in addition to your cuttings, please place a separate order for all non-cutting items. Other items, such as dried flowers, gear, or tubers, could damage the willow. If you place a combined order, we reserve the right to cancel your order, or charge you the additional shipping cost.

If your willow/sticks are damaged during shipping, please let us know within 48 hours of receiving the order. You can send an email with your order number, pictures of the box, and pictures of the sticks to sales@sunnymeadowsflowerfarm.com

Willow Cuttings Care

Learn how to care for your willow using the steps below.
Willow Cutting Care

Willow branches contain their own rooting hormone (indolebutyric acid), as well as salicylic acid, which protects the cutting from fungi and bacterial infections. This means they do not need a rooting hormone to propagate, simply stick your cuttings into your soil for rooting and watch them grow! We suggested starting them inside 4- 6 weeks before you would like to plant them out, any size tray or pot will do. It is important that your cuttings grow right side up, so we will mark the bunch at the bottom.  These branches are large enough that you should be able to get two cuttings from each branch, meaning you got a great deal at only $1 per cutting. 

Tips & Tricks

Willows are a quick way to increase your production in the shoulder months and still have items to offer your florists through the holidays.  Or let the pussy willow open to display their catkins by the warmth of spring or by forcing branches in a warm space to shed the shell.  The first year, you will get a small harvest as the plant gets established. We suggest coppicing the plants each year (cutting them back to about knee or waist height), which will allow for future years of strong, straight growth and keep them in a bush format.  If you do not cut them back, the following year you will grow an even more enormous plant that can turn into something hard to manage after a few years because of their vigorous growth, so following the coppicing method is suggested even for home gardeners (unless it is a much larger plant you are looking for).  Willows can handle wet soil, so if you have a low spot in your garden, they can fill that void as well, another reason they are a great addition to your repertoire as a grower!

Willow Cutting Care
Tips & Tricks