All Dahlia Tubers

Our tuber collection are varieties that are great for cut flower production.  We want our collection to be special in that way, geared towards flower farmers.  If you are growing them for your garden, they will still be beautiful for you.  We will post all our inventory at once, and some of our highly sought after varieties will sell out fast.  Join our mailing list to stay updated on what's happening at SMFF dahlias throughout the season, updates about the store, or for tips on how to grow the best dahlias!

Shipping notes:  This year we are accepting a limited amount of early shipping orders, so you will see options for shipping week 6 or week 10.  The default ship week is week 15 (April 6-10) and this is when we recommend getting tubers for outdoor planting in our zone (6a) or colder.  The early ship dates are for those that are in warmer climates and can plant earlier, or for growers who plan to pot them up and propagate from these tubers.  

If you choose to ship week 6 or 10, an additional $5 shipping fee will be added to your cart at checkout to accommodate for the extra precautions we will need to take when shipping.  Our plan is to use extra insulation for the colder months, and/or use expedited shipping methods to make sure tubers aren't damaged in the cold.  See our FAQ page for more details, or contact us.