All Dahlia Tubers

All tubers ordered will ship in the spring (early April).  Since we don't know if we'll be open in the spring due to COVID, we are not allowing local pickup as an option for tubers.  We plan to ship all orders.

Early shipping (February & March) is sold out for the 2021 season.  The default ship is early April and this is when we recommend getting tubers for outdoor planting in our zone (6a) or colder.  See our FAQ page for more details, or contact us.


All tubers are sold as single tubers - not in clumps as one would receive when ordering Dutch planting stock. Tuber sizes vary depending on variety but we guarantee that all dahlia tubers purchased from us will will be shipped with at least one eye and are true to name. 

Once the order is placed, there are no modifications or additions allowed. If you would like to purchase more tubers, please process a separate order and they will ship separately. 

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All our tubers are guaranteed to have an eye and be a viable tuber upon shipping.  If you feel you have received unsatisfactory tubers, we will replace or refund.  Just send us an email with photos of the tubers within a week of receiving and we will make sure the situation is alleviated.  We save all the ugliest ones for us to plant, and we stand behind the product we send out!