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Dahlia Rooted Cutting- Peaches n Cream

Each pack comes with 3 cuttings in a 72 tray. The order minimum is 12 cuttings (4 packs of 3). 
One of the most beautiful dahlias we grow, these petals are a stunning peachy-pink towards the center and fade to white at the tips. When fully open they have a very full ball shape, with petals gracefully curling back. Blooms are 3-4.5" and are one of the first varieties to begin producing. The plant is 42-54" in height. As with other bi-color varieties, some variation in color is to be expected. Not to be confused with Peaches & Cream that you can buy more readily available. This one is super creamy and soft peach!
These must be planted after the final frost date. Cuttings typically flower 1-2 weeks before dahlia tubers and can be dug at the end of the season to reveal a small tuber clump to replant for future years.
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Rooted Cutting Information

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These cuttings will be sent UPS 2 day so we ask that you place a separate order for all non-rooted cutting items. Other items could damage the cuttings. If you place an order with other items we reserve the right to cancel your order.

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The minimum order of cuttings is 12 cuttings and each variety is sold in packs of 3.

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