Tulip Bulb sales are live for the 2019!  Join our mailing list to be sure to see the announcement when next year's list is posted.  Thanks for your interest!

All these tulips are great cut flower varieties and a beautiful addition to any bouquet!  These tulips have not been pre-chilled and need to be planted outside anytime between now and when the ground freezes.  In zone 6a, we typically get tulip bloom in April.  The later varieties are able to be saved for a few weeks (which usually reaches us into Mother's Day sales) if you harvest with the bulb on and store upright in the cooler with the bulb on.  For more details on how all this is done, join our mailing list and we'll be sure to send out some informative newsletters as harvesting time comes.  Here are our favorite varieties we've found so far, more to come in future years after they pass our tests!